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Where Reality & Dreams come together

JuJu Bar & Restaurant, is a sophisticated, modern venue within Divani Caravel Hotel making its debut in the Athenian night scene.

Its mission? To sweep patrons off their feet with its architecture, Art Deco design and its approach to bespoke cuisine and divine cocktails!

The style of the venue

Literally meaning “a spell for good luck”, JuJu Bar & Restaurant promises divine culinary experience and lavish entertainment, in a magical world, where reality and dreams come together. The unique character of the place and the cinematic concept, based on Federico Fellini’s 8½, stand out as soon as you step inside. Art themes inspired by the movie and especially created for the venue decor, add a touch of surrealism and nostalgia to an ambiance where dreams meet reality.

A feast of flavors, colors & aromas

The style of the restaurant is also reflected on its culinary identity. The dishes, perfect down to the last detail, take you on an amazing journey to traditional flavors and memories, in a modern and creative manner. The menu goes beyond typical fine dining, elevating the traditional flavors we all know and trust with creative, surreal twists, completely in tune with the JuJu Bar & Restaurant concept. The dishes, whether served as interesting tidbits to accompany your drinks in the modern setting of the bar or as main courses at the restaurant, possess both modern and traditional finesse to satisfy all tastes. The wine collection offers an interesting approach. You can find a wide selection of excellent Greek and International wines to accompany your meal, uplifting your experience further. The cinematic setting of the bar serves signature surreal cocktails inspired by the cast of 8½. The leading role is played by the intoxicating Guido, which is ready to captivate you with its aromas and ingredients, while the exotic Carla will transport you to a bygone era.

Combine these unique cocktails with modern flavors served at the atmospheric bar, which will become your meeting point after work. Also there is live music daily from 18:00 to 01:00, making the ambiance even warmer and friendlier. Whether as an after-work hangout, a venue for business meetings and corporate events or a place for cocktails, bites or dinner, you’ll surely find a reason to explore JuJu Bar & Restaurant that will definitely cast a magic spell on any outing!

*Add some extra JuJu with live music nights every Friday and Saturday!

  Opening Hours:  Monday to Saturday 18:00 to 01:00
Closed on Sundays.

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